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Careers That You Can Get With a Six Sigma Green Belt
Immediately after receiving the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, it is normal to be a little bit confused on what to do next. There are many options you can take. You can proceed to become a black belt or venture into new careers that will help you to the Green Belt. Worry not because this article will guide you to careers you can proceed to with your Six Sigma Green Belt.

Being a Six Sigma Green Belt consultant is one of the careers you can progress to. All that you will need is to have the knowledge acquired through being a certified Green Belt. For cost minimization, an improved quality of products and stabilization of the customer satisfaction rates, Ford Motor Company adopted Six Sigma in the ’90s. Companies that implement Six Sigma will definitely need trainers and consultants. A successful career in consultancy pave a way to further careers such as quality assurance, project management among others, that you can find in this article.

On the other hand, you can also choose to be a business process manager. Just like Six Sigma, business process management has the goal of improving the quality of a business by improving project performance. The difference, however, is that Six Sigma has DMAIC while BPM has its own model. As much as these tactics differ, the ideas used can be combined. This combination will guarantee a speeding up of the production time and increase in the agility of processes in the company.

With quality management being the building block of Six Sigma, a career as a quality assurance manager is possible. The structure of the Six Sigma process enables it to run smoothly more than 99% of the time. As a quality assurance manager, it will be required of you to maintain product consistency while keeping costs in check.

Almost all projects have high chances of facing constraints such as scope, quality, time and cost. Applying Six Sigma methods to these constraints make the task of managing any project easier. With this, Six Sigma is capable of creating a competent project manager. Setting firm deadlines and project milestones will be of great help in dealing with the constraint of time and set schedules.

Apart from the mentioned careers you can also be a lead manufacturing engineer or a reliability engineer. With a training from Six Sigma, it is a guarantee that you will be a beneficial asset in any company you will work for. It is advisable that you start considering becoming a Six Sigma Green Belt now, and if you are on, prioritize careers that will be in need of your experience. For more information on the job market and booming industries, read our blog.