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Demerits of Poorly Fitted False Teeth

A number of people have been for the option of false teeth so as to maintain their appearance after the loss of natural teeth. People who do not have natural teeth can have problems with chewing and even their speech thus the need to look for false teeth. False teeth can cause individuals long term problems if they are worn loose.

The shape of the mouth of the user of artificial teeth determines the shape of the denture as it has to be fitting. The changes in the human body over time causes the changes in the shape of the mouth of an individual. The changes in the shape of the mouth cause the dentures to be loose. Chewing or speaking with unfitting dentures is likely to cause friction to the wearers’ gums. People who put on unfitting dentures risk the infection of the gums due to the inflammation resulting from the rubbing of the dentures against the gums. The users of dentures should thus stop wearing the dentures immediately they realize that their gums are swollen.

People who keep on wearing unfitting false teeth are likely to develop oral blisters due to the friction. Unfitting dentures are likely to cause the users a lot of pain resulting from the oral blisters. The wearers of loose dentures risk the wearing out of their skin within the mouth if they keep on the dentures after noting the presence of the oral blisters. Eating can be difficult for individuals with oral blisters. People can be able to minimize the chances of bacterial infections of the mouth if they stop the use of unfitting dentures to give time for the blisters to heal.

Saliva is likely to pool in between the spaces between the unfitting dentures and the gums of the mouth. The bacteria found within the human saliva can be harmful if left for a long time within the gums. The accumulation of saliva due to unfitting dentures results to rushes within the individual’s mouth. Individuals with unfitting false teeth are likely to experience difficulties in speaking. The effect of unfitting dentures can make the users have difficulties with pronouncing some words.

The users of dentures are likely to experience frequent headache and earache when their dentures become loose. People who keep using the loose dentures experience headache due to the pressure they cause on the jaws. Loose dentures are likely to cause the users a lot of pain when chewing. The use of loose dentures results to misalignment of teeth which results to a lot of pain for the users when chewing. The users of the dentures should take immediate actions to replace their dentures when they become loose. There is more information about the demerits of unfitting dentures in this website.